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Electric Vehicle Conversions

We believe that there is no such thing as a plug - and - play solution
vehicle bodyshop
What do we do?

We gather data.  Ohm Electric Cars starts with understanding what the customer wants through consultations and exploration of available options to meet their needs.  Ohm Electric Cars will gather requirements by asking relevant questions that pertain to and equate to material and hardware selections.

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Why Do we say that?

Each customer has their unique needs that shape their electric conversion.  The balance between budget,efficiency and performance is necessary when you electrifying your vehicle, and a thorough understanding of driving habits and requirements is necessary.  

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electric vehicle engineering

We Design Solutions.  Using industry known design, drafting and analysis software, Ohm Electric Cars can blend theory with practicality to develop contoured solutions for each application.  We communicate with the customer on progress as well as provide guidance on designs to help the customer be a part of their solution.  By understanding hardware and their unique performance, Ohm Electric Cars can provide solutions that match its unique application.  

We Develop Solutions.  Ohm Electric Cars is equipped with MIG / TIG / Oxy Welding, CNC plasma, automotive restoration/maintenance equipment and tools to develop custom products.  With Ohm Electric Car’s vast index of industry resources suppliers, projects can be completed with confidence based on proven engineering principles and methods.  Whether it is repair of an existing product, or the development of new products, Ohm Electric Cars can be that resource to help customers achieve their goals.

We Test Solutions.  Ohm Electric Cars understands that there is no common solution to every problem.  Once a design has been completed and developed, we work with unique tools including a 4 wheel hub dynamometer* and resources to make sure it works as it should in the design iteration process.   We validate the solution, using the initial design criteria, and ensure the product not only accomplishes the goal, but does it consistently and safely.    

We Back Our Work.  Ohm Electric Cars knows from experience that it is not only the product that’s important, but it’s the relationships and connections that are made in the process.  Whether its insight needed on a personal project, or field support – Ohm Electric Cars will be there to help.   

We have fun.  Ohm Electric Cars realizes that technology is created to support our daily lives.  We also realize that technology has the potential to make it anything you want it to be.   Ohm Electric Cars wants to be the resource and means for customers to achieve their technical goals who choose to be engaged in the process.

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