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About Us

Who are we?

We are car people.  Ohm Electric Cars has practical experience rebuilding, restoring, enhancing, racing and fabricating for over 25 years.  From electric vehicle conversions to fuel injection installations to carburetor tuning, we have a passion for cars and making sure they provide their owners with a safe and reliable means of transportation.  

We are engineers.  

Ohm Electric Cars was started by engineers with well over 20 years of automotive engineering experience involving electrification designing, testing, manufacturing and support.  Our experience includes supporting various markets including passenger vehicles, utility trucks and stationary power generation, in various environments and operating conditions.   We understand application specific designs and the value of testing.  We leverage industry suppliers who thoroughly test and validate products.   We also use industry known tools and software and manufacturing resources to create engineered solutions.   

We get it.

Ohm Electric Cars wants to ensure customers receive safe and robust solutions.  We share the same interests and passions as our customers, and hope to help them reach their desired performance or efficiency goals. 

The Story of Ohm Electric Cars

Ohm Electric Cars was started by automotive enthusiast and hybrid/electric vehicle (HEV/EV) engineer, Aashish (Ash) Dalal, “so he can sleep well at night”. 


Well before the current demand, Ash has focused his entire engineering career to the hybridization and electrification engineering in passenger automotive, defense, public utility and off-highway markets. Ash has developed, tested and supported many different applications of HEV/EV technology, including outreach in automotive mathematics and EV training at a local community colleges and schools, and local EV groups. 


Ash has earned a Bachelors and Master's in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Davis, while supporting student projects including early developments of hybrid vehicle technology in Future Car / Future Truck and Formula SAE.  It was in that point in college, where Ash found the value of "hands on" learning.   As a child, he has had a passion for 60s-80s cars, which stemmed from Hot Wheels, to radio control cars, to real cars - with many sleepless nights trying to figure out a problem, finishing that one last step in a mechanical restoration, or waiting for that glimpse in time between business trips to finish the work.   

In 20+ years of industry engineering, Ash has seen the results of “good” engineering.  This is where the engineering design process closes the loop on product development, through rigorous testing, validation, and physical / virtual analysis.  He has also seen the results of “bad” engineering, where compromises in design or hardware selection favors timeliness/cost to promote profitability, rather than reliability and robustness. We set to create Ohm Electric Cars with an emphasis on “doing things correctly”.  At Ohm, we promote the technology with the motto:

Inner peace, through design


As a firm believer in “you only get one initial impression”, providing HEV/EV technology to different markets is a fantastic path forward for a cleaner environment.  It must however follow engineering design with testing, tuning and analysis in order to promote performance and of upmost importance, safety.  

At Ohm, our mission statement is:

“Our goal at Ohm Electric Cars is to promote emissions reductions, fuel savings and electrification of vehicles and power generation, through engineering design and optimization, as well as provide the best customer experience.”

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