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While our main focus is on electric vehicle conversions, it's hard to break away from the lure of classic vehicles.  Let's face it - classic cars aren't for everybody. Ohm Electric Cars knows there's a host of support needed for our old friend, the gasoline / diesel engine to help achieve more reliable, easier to drive yet still retain the charm that drew us in to begin with. Ohm Electric Cars understands that improvements can be made to make your classic to friendlier to drive through modernization. Whether you need: Electronic Fuel Injection, Modified Carburetor Installations / Tuning, Ignition System Updates-Wide / Narrow band Oxygen Sensors, Contact Ohm Electric Cars to see what we can do for you.
EV PHEV conversion

Classic cars can benefit from modern engines.  Gone are the days of manual adjustments and tuning, where now, closed loop engine control maintains optimal performance directly from the factory on newer engines.  Call Ohm Electric Cars to see what an engine conversion is about.*

* Cars built >1976 with emissions controls in California will require additional certification.

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Electronic Fuel Injection

Converting your existing carbureted car to electronic fuel injection (EFI) can unleash power and efficiency, while increasing comfort and driveability.  Ohm Electric Cars can help you decide on and install an EFI system to modernize your classic

custom engine swap vehicle
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EV conversion
Engine Conversions

Driving classic cars in modern times is rewarding, but does require more frequent maintenance of critical items including your injection and ignition system.  Ohm Electric Cars can guide you on the latest technologies for ignition and carburetor options

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Restoration Services

Ohm Electric Cars provides additional MIG/TIG welding, wiring, sand blasting / wet blasting services to support your classic car.    Contact Ohm Electric Cars for your unique needs.

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